Introducing Crunch: a new way to get the most out of your research

Ben GlanvilleHead of Data Services, UK & Growth Markets
March 15, 2018, 9:46 AM GMT+0

Whether you want to explore your survey results in greater detail or just need a simple overview to present to colleagues, our new data delivery platform helps.

The world has changed and research methods needs to change, too. Currently, too many sources of information are static and unconnected. This leads to out-of-date pictures and conflicting versions of “the truth”, hindering marketers looking for clarity when assessing their data.

In order for data to help brands innovate and engage customers effectively, it needs to be both meaningful and easy to distil. This is where Crunch comes in. Our new data tool allows us to collect and process more data, faster and more efficiently meaning you can access and understand the data quicker.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to use Crunch.

What is Crunch and how does it help?

Crunch is our unique and user-friendly delivery platform. It enables you to explore and interact with your data and survey results in real-time, meaning you can start piecing your story together or collating insights straightaway if you have a tight deadline.

As well as providing top-line results for a quick overview, the platform lets you create your own bespoke tables and filter by what you need instead of sifting through reams of static data points.

Crunch can also act as a library for your data which can be easily shared across your organisation.

As well as accessing and interacting with your survey data using Crunch, you will still also receive your detailed Omnibus survey results in Excel, with top-line findings in PowerPoint, once your research is complete.

What clients are saying about Crunch

The platform has already been trialled in our Nordic offices. Here’s what clients are saying:

“Crunch increases the value of your data investment. You will continue to find new insights. Data will not end up in the drawer.”

“Crunch is outstanding. It gives customers the chance to play with data. It is a superb piece of equipment. “

“Crunch has given life to the segments within the organization. It enables us to work with the segments and continuously get more nuances and more knowledge about them and test new hypotheses about each segment"

“Crunch is a damn good tool to deliver data in a new and more value-adding way … particularly when you, like us, have a very curious and exploratory approach to data.”

Contact us to find out more and get access to the platform.

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