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Would it be acceptable for James Bond to be female? Plus, the next actor to play the role, and the behaviour of the character

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Government approval


Britons oppose another national lockdown this winter

about 22 hours ago

How safe do Britons think it is to socialise with unvaccinated people?

2 days ago

Britain's mood, measured weekly


Fashion & Clothing brands

  1. 1Adidas Adidas 65%
  2. 2Levi's Levi's 64%
  3. 3North Face North Face 64%

The most important issues facing the country


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Celebrity endorsements: How impactful are they for tech brands?

3 days ago

Celebrity endorsements: How impactful are they for telco brands?

3 days ago

A global look at who has found love through an app

3 days ago

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