Inside the mindset of Alfa Romeo drivers

Amelia BrophyHead of Data Products, UK
November 29, 2017, 3:10 PM GMT+0

For years, people have made connections between the type of car someone drives and their personality.

But do these stereotypes stack up with their characteristics and traits in other areas of their life? To find out, we use YouGov’s vast connected data set to explore the mindset Alfa Romeo owners.

Those possessing the Italian-made vehicles may have a reputation for enjoying stylish but temperamental products and an eye for something that stands out. But how does this attitude translate to other areas and what does it say about how they areas consumers?

Splashing the cash

Our data suggests that Alfa Romeo drivers do tend to have expensive tastes. Over four in ten (44%) say that they ‘spend a lot on clothes’, which compares to just under one in five (18%) of the general public. Looking good is important to them, and they are more likely than average to want to keep up with current fashion trends (43% versus 29%). This is important to them because they want to attract attention, with just under four in ten (39%) stating that they like to stand out against just over one in four (27%) of the population as a whole.

What’s more, for many money is no object - over six in ten (62%) say that they buy certain products without even looking at the price, compared to just over one in three (36%) of the wider public.

Alfa Romeo drivers are twice as likely as the average (33% versus 15%) to stating that they “can’t resist” expensive products, and are happy to borrow to purchase them, with approaching six in ten (59%) saying that retail credit helps them buy the sort of things they ordinarily couldn’t afford (vs. 23%)

Happy with their finances

Part of the reason for this open-wallet approach as consumers is because a lot of Alfa Romeo drivers are confident about their current financial situation. Eight in ten (80%) believe they could handle a personal financial crisis (vs. 46%), while three quarters consider themselves financially secure (74% vs. 46%).

This financial confidence allows them to not worry about monetary consequences; indeed 47% say they don’t mind taking risks with money, compared to just 21% of the public. Furthermore, they aren’t too pre-occupied with saving-up for things that they want, (52% say aren’t good at this, vs. 67% of the public), meaning they can be lured into making impulsive purchases (61% vs. 43%)

Social Butterflies

When they aren’t working (or driving), Alfa Romeo owners are be social butterflies. Almost six in ten (58%) say they like to go trendy restaurants and bars (vs. 38%), while over four in ten (44%) admit that when they drink, they do so to get drunk (against just 17% of the public). And if they are not in a pub or bar, welcoming friends to their house is a favoured pastime – with over two thirds (69%) enjoying entertaining others at home, compared to just over half (55%) of the general public.

The environment

Environmental concerns don’t weigh as heavily on their minds as they do on others’. Close to half of Alfa Romeo owners don’t care what their carbon footprint is (47% vs. 23%), while they are slightly less likely than average to think climate change is the biggest threat to civilisation (48% vs. 52%).

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