YouGov BrandIndex ad of the month - EDF Energy

June 29, 2016, 8:29 AM GMT+0

For marketers, life goes on despite the chaos in the business world.

That means continuing to come up with creative and engaging adverts.

Over the past month, EDF Energy is the company which has achieved the greatest uplift in Ad Awareness among all the brands YouGov tracks.

So while Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ may not be the most suitable song to convey the current mood in the market, it has proven a great accompaniment to EDF’s latest ad campaign.

I’ve often talked in these columns about companies that use mascots or characters to help boost brand identity. EDF are another example of this. Again it incorporates ‘Zingy’ into its ad, and this time calculating how much customers could potentially save by switching suppliers.

Our Ad Awareness metric measures whether someone has heard or seen an advert from a particular brand in the past two weeks. Nothing is worse than spending millions on a campaign and finding that no-one noticed. No such problem for EDF, among all respondents, its score has increased by eight percentage points since the advert’s release in late May.

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Of course, while people remembering an advert is one thing, the main thing is to get consumers to change the way they act or think, either in terms of purchase consideration and brand engagement.

YouGov’s data enables us to see the impact of the advert upon those that are either very, or fairly likely to change their energy supplier. EDF’s Reputation score rose significantly during the month, to the tune of 13 points. The score has since slipped however, indicating how difficult it can be for any ad campaign to see long-lasting effects, especially once it is off people’s screens.

This is particularly true among potential energy switchers. YouGov Profiles data indicates that for this group, television is the main advertising channel that catches their attention (48% say this). Furthermore, almost six in ten (59%) say they expect adverts to entertain them and, on this front, EDF should be content that its quirky effort has achieved that.

This article originally appeared in City A.M.

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