Almost two-thirds of Scots won’t celebrate St. Andrew’s Day

Ben TobinYouGov PR Manager
November 28, 2013, 10:52 AM GMT+0

Only a fifth (20%) of Scots say they will celebrate St. Andrew’s Day this year, a YouGov Scottish Omnibus poll reveals.

The survey showed that almost two-thirds (64%) say they won’t mark the occasion, with 16% not knowing whether they would commemorate the Scottish patron Saint’s day.

YouGov’s research among Scots showed that students are the group who are most likely to celebrate, 37% of whom are planning to mark the occasion.

St Andrew’s Day is on 30th November and is a national holiday in Scotland, with many schools and businesses closing on the day. Also, a number of historic Scottish attractions are celebrating the occasion by allowing free admission on the day.

The poll revealed that just over a third (35%) said St. Andrew is their favourite Scottish saint with St. Mungo the second most popular (9%). 17% of Glaswegians chose Mungo as their favourite saint and this may be because he adorns Glasgow’s coat of arms.

Additionally, nearly one in ten (8%) answered that St. Columba (who is credited with spreading Christianity in Scotland) is their favourite.

However the poll revealed that four in ten (40%) of Scots do not know who their favourite Scottish saint is.

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