Labour now 40 points ahead of the Conservatives in London

Lukas PaleckisSenior Research Executive
April 06, 2023, 7:50 AM GMT+0

This is the largest Labour lead since YouGov tracking began in 2010

YouGov’s latest Westminster voting intention figures show that Labour’s political dominance in London continues. Labour now sit 40 points ahead of the Conservatives with 58% of the vote, +3 from our previous poll early last year, while the Tories have fallen to 18% (-5).

This marks Labour’s largest lead over the Conservatives since YouGov started tracking London voting intention in 2010.

Liberal Democrats hold 9% of the vote (no change), Greens hold 7% (no change) and Reform UK have 6% (+3).

Voter retention rates in London are effectively the same as they are nationally. Labour are keeping around three-quarters of those who voted for them in 2019 (74%), while the Conservatives are struggling much more, as only 43% of their 2019 voters say they would vote the same way if there was a general election tomorrow.

A sizeable chunk (21%) of those who voted Conservative in the last election are now undecided on who they would vote for, while both Labour and Reform UK pick up 10% of their voters apiece.

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