Consider yourself open-minded compared to others?

August 14, 2012, 9:27 AM GMT+0

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, in an interview with a UK magazine, recently commented that Brits are “more open-minded” than Americans. The Canadian singer attributed this quality to what he sees as a more relaxed culture in Britain, as compared with the US. He mentioned the UK having “sexier” TV adverts than would be permitted stateside, and his British female fans having “dirtier mouths” than their American counterparts.

So while we know what Biebs’ opinion is, in YouGov Labs we also wanted to hear your views on the subject.

We asked, would you say you are more or less open-minded than most people in the UK?

An overwhelming proportion of those who took part in the discussion said they were either just as or more open-minded than most people in the UK.

  • Those who placed themselves in this group said they were ‘more sympathetic’ to the views of others, open to new ideas, and willing to change their opinions on things depending on what they learn.

Only a very small proportion of you said you were less open-minded than most people in the UK.

  • Those of you in this group said you had traditional beliefs about certain things and that you do not change your opinions very easily.

Q: Would you say you are more, less, or just as open-minded as most people in the UK?

VIEWPOINT: 'I am MORE or JUST AS open-minded as most people in the UK'

I am prepared to listen to all sides of the argument and do not judge people. Everyone has just as much right to an opinion and the next person – so long as that personal opinion is not forced on anyone else, that is every person’s right” Sarah, Poole

“I am willing to hear and consider any side to an argument and can accept that others may not agree with me. I am not aware of being racially or religiously prejudiced. I like to travel and am intensely interested in other cultures and languages. I have a very wide range of interests and am willing to try something outside my experience and comfort rangeAnon

I don't think it is desirable for social norms to be forced on everybody regardless. Also, I am very conscious that most of what we think of as ‘right" and ‘wrong’ are simply cultural conventions and are not applicable in other cultures and places” Andy, Worcester

I read very widely and am not afraid to read or listen to arguments, which may not necessarily be in agreement with my points of view, but one can always learn, and there are times when some arguments can be valid, even when I might not agree with the whole premise. This does not mean that I will follow the latest trend because it is either the fashion or politically correct. I would say I am more politically incorrect as I do not subscribe to the latest fads because we are encouraged to follow this or that” Isabel, Lincoln

I have few preconceptions that I am not prepared to modify in the face of sound evidence. I hold no ‘sacred cow’ opinions not subject to at least some compromise, given the relevant circumstances” Peter C, Co. Durham

I think, having spoken to and listened to other people, that I am more tolerant of diversity and other people's opinions than mostAnon

I give things a chance, try not to form opinions too readily unless it is informed and will seek to update my understanding of something if appropriate. I admit that a lot of people are close-minded and once they have an opinion it can be set in stone” Andy S, St. Helens

I am open to necessary onward development and embrace change when faced with it, even if it is difficult or challenging at the time. I become frustrated with people who want to maintain the status quo, just because things have always been that way! On the other hand, I don't believe in making change just for its own sake. Therefore I consider I occupy middle ground in terms of open-mindednessLainie, Fife

VIEWPOINT: 'I am LESS open-minded than most people in the UK'

I do not accept change easily and do not see the need for change for the sake of changeMike P, Norfolk

I believe, that for the greater good, we must have strong law that is fully enforced and results in adequate punishment. I do not believe we should pander to minority interests or promote deviance, though neither should we persecute those who hold a minority view or those who engage in deviant behaviour that is lawful” David B, Yorkshire

I feel our tolerance and open mindedness has been abused. … We are no longer able to think or say what we please without offending some minority or ethnic groupDavie, Hampshire

Do you consider yourself open-minded?

Is there anything you struggle to keep an open-mind about?