Two thirds of Plaid Cymru voters would be pleased to enter a Labour led coalition

Adam McDonnellResearch Director of Political and Social Research
April 29, 2021, 11:26 AM GMT+0

Labour voters also favour such a coalition over a continuation of the current Lab-Lib Dem arrangement

With the Senedd election just over a week away, Labour look set to be the largest party in the Wales again, and while a majority isn’t out of the question, another hung parliament looks most likely. Over the last term Labour have led a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition, with education minister Kirsty Williams the sole Lib Dem Senedd member.

Such an arrangement may not be electorally possible this time round, but even if it is, a Lab-Lib Dem coalition is not particularly popular with voters. Four in ten (39%) of those intending to vote Labour in Wales this May say they’d be delighted or pleased with this outcome, while 35% would be disappointed or dismayed. These voters are far more open to the idea of a Labour-led coalition with Plaid Cymru, however. Half (50%) would be delighted or pleased with this government, while just 26% would be disappointed or dismayed.

The last time such an arrangement occurred was in 2007, and two thirds (67%) of Plaid Cymru voters would be pleased or delighted if this were to be repeated in 2021. Just 18% would be unhappy with such an outcome. Curiously, a third (32%) of Plaid Cymru voters would also be happy if Labour were to achieve an overall majority, with a further 18% saying they wouldn’t really mind if this happened and 46% saying they’d be either disappointed or dismayed. This is perhaps a reflection of the positive approval of First Minister Mark Drakeford amongst these voters.

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