Presentation at interviews affects disadvantaged candidates securing a job in finance

March 22, 2017, 2:31 PM GMT+0

New YouGov Omnibus research carried out in conjunction with The Sutton Trust and Deutsche Bank has found that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are hindered in their job search due their presentation at interview.

Looking at the overall data across a variety of industries, eight in ten (79%) senior business decision makers believed that way a candidate from a disadvantaged background presents themselves at interview prevents them from being employed in their business sector.

The findings are more pronounced in the finance industry. The YouGov Omnibus research found that four-fifths (81%) of senior finance bosses believed that the way candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds present themselves at interview prevents them from being employed in the sector, this is against the 15% that said it didn’t.

Looking at the finance industry specifically, presentation was seen as more important than both school/ university results (77%) and a lack of relevant work experience (72%) when it comes to not securing the job.

A little under seven in ten (66%) of decision makers in finance believed a lack of understanding of the profession was a barrier, while 59% thought employers thinking the candidate wouldn’t fit in the work/industry culture was a factor.

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