Party supporters want Miliband, Cameron and Clegg to stay

April 29, 2015, 8:08 AM GMT+0

At least one of the main party leaders will end up as a loser. What do their supporters think should happen then?

In a YouGov poll for Red Box, we asked: "If the Labour party do not form a government after the general election do you think Ed Miliband should remain leader or should he resign and let someone else take over as Labour leader?"

Labour voters would want him to remain leader, by 48% to 39%. By 60% to 31% Conservative voters want Cameron to stay on even if he were he to lose, and Lib Dem supporters also want Nick Clegg to remain in place if the party is not part of a government, by 46% to 34%. Of course they may not feel the same after the fact.

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