Voters think Miliband is hungrier for the job than Cameron

April 28, 2015, 8:39 AM GMT+0

Only a quarter of voters think Cameron wants it more

David Cameron emerged upbeat as the campaigning week started so maybe it's unfair to dwell on the week before, but during the weekend we ran a YouGov poll on that theme for Red Box.

Who seems to be enjoying the campaign the most? 34% thought it was Nicola Sturgeon; 16% Nigel Farage; 13% Ed Miliband, and just 7% opted for David Cameron. What about the desire to win?

We also asked: "Of David Cameron and Ed Miliband, which one comes across as wanting to win the most?" 43% of the public perceive the Labour leader as the hungrier for the job compared to 25% for the prime minister.

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