Voters believe Putin poses threat

March 09, 2015, 8:34 AM GMT+0

Nearly three in four voters are wary of the Russian president

We've seen a very slight move towards the Conservatives in the polls recently – tiny, but given the stability of voting intentions in the past few months it may be significant. It's probably unconnected, but there is real nervousness about the threat of Russia – could that contribute to making people prefer continuity of government with an experienced prime minister?

YouGov asked the public: "Thinking about the Russian regime under President Vladimir Putin, do you think it does or does not pose a threat to western countries?" By 72% to 18%, people said it does pose a threat. So much so that (by 44 to 34%) people support "stationing British troops in Nato countries neighbouring Russia such as Estonia and Latvia". They do not want us, however, to become involved in the situation in Ukraine.

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