Tories win on voter knowledge of policies

January 27, 2015, 3:33 PM GMT+0

Voters have the highest awareness of Conservative policies – but Lib Dem policies actually fare worse than UKIP's

Last week we saw that the voters don't know much about Ukip policies and even less about those of the Greens (on average across nine different policy areas, 44% said they have vague or exact knowledge of Ukip's policies in the stated areas, compared with 27% for those of the Greens).

In a follow-up YouGov poll for the Times Red Box on how the other parties fare, the Conservatives do best, with 72% having a vague or exact knowledge of their policies, followed by 59% for Labour. The Liberal Democrats on 38% per cent actually do worse than Ukip and only slightly better than the Greens.

The policy that voters say they understand best of all is Ukip's immigration policy, with 43% saying they know it "exactly" and 42% saying they "have a good idea of the sort of approach they'd take". On the other hand, the least-known policies are the Greens' on pensions, crime and education (with 83%, 81% and 79% respectively saying they don't even know the general approach).

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