Oliver Griffiths
  • Inside the mindset of the ‘beautiful people’Article

    Inside the mindset of the ‘beautiful people’

    We’ve all heard about the 'beautiful people' – celebrities that are everywhere, always heavily styled and looking pristine as they make millions pushing products and brands. But there is another group of 'beautiful people' who are less starry celebs and more down to earth consumers.

    22 Aug 2017
  • Who are the people new technologies need to sway to go mainstream? Article

    Who are the people new technologies need to sway to go mainstream?

    In conjunction with futurologists Trend One, YouGov Reports has identified five key technology ‘megatrends’ of the future. But with change comes concern, so how can these technologies make the leap from niche to mass market?  Many recent technological advancements, which may have seemed outlandish even five years ago, have...

    19 Jun 2017
  • Children’s Savings Products: UKArticle

    Children’s Savings Products: UK

    This report considers the savings products parents set up for their children. As the costs of living faced by teenagers and young adults increase, so many parents are looking at ways to build up a nest egg for their children at an early age. The financial pressures faced by younger ...

    04 Apr 2013
  • Legal Services: UKArticle

    Legal Services: UK

    This report considers the state of the UK legal services market today and puts that into context of  the changes that are likely to take place over the next two years. It follows a YouGov report on the  same topic in 2011 and, where relevant, consumer research results from this ...

    03 Apr 2013
  • Mobile Phone Insurance Claims - A Customer Journey: UKArticle

    Mobile Phone Insurance Claims - A Customer Journey: UK

    Getting insured for the loss, damage or theft of a mobile phone has increased in importance in recent years as the value of modern mobile devices to consumers has increased. Today, mobiles are not just valuable in a financial sense, but are becoming valuable lifestyle devices, a sort of psychological ...

    03 Apr 2013
  • Smart Appliances: UKArticle

    Smart Appliances: UK

    This report examines the UK market for smart domestic appliances, which are grouped under the following six headings: fridge-freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, electric ovens /hobs, and microwave ovens. The report exclusively profiles those domestic appliances that are designed primarily for use in the home. Information for the ...

    03 Apr 2013