Our panel

Founded in the UK in 2000, YouGov is considered the pioneer of online market research. With operations in the UK, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia Pacific, we have one of the world's largest research networks, spanning 55 markets.

Our panel members

Our global panel of more than 24 million registered members enables us to deliver accurate, actionable consumer insights in the UK and beyond.

Every day, our members trust us with their data, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions. This trust is essential to our continued success and it enables us to represent the entirety of public opinion – all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Inclusion is essential for our members, our clients, our mission, and our continued commercial success. We invest millions each year to ensure we can create truly nationally representative online samples, and access hard-to-reach groups – both consumer and professional.

Our member offer

We’re committed to ensuring members are fairly rewarded for sharing their data. Our Panel Promise, in place for over a decade, ensures that if a member is invited to a survey, there will always be one for them to take. This builds trust and is highly valued by our members.

Members are paid for surveys and other data sharing activity in points. The points vary based on the length and complexity of the survey – longer and more complex surveys receive more points. A short, simple survey pays 50-100 points. Points are stored in a member’s YouGov Wallet, and once they reach a certain balance – they can convert these points to a reward of their choice.

We’re committed to an excellent member experience - so that everyone’s voice can be heard. It’s a key part of our Environmental, Social, and Governance strategy and it’s why we have one of the highest TrustPilot scores in the Market Research industry.

Our panel principles

We are representative

We continuously assess the composition of our panel against publicly available reference data. We carefully weight our data where necessary to ensure full population representation. Our in-survey quality control tools use natural language processing to identify and exclude poor quality responses.

Alternative ways to share, including data upload, API connections, and Chat-style UIs are being integrated into our core member platform.

Engaging, and retaining under-represented groups is a significant and ongoing area of focus. We invest in new technologies and innovative recruitment partnerships using an agile test, measure, and learn approach that is embedded in our processes and culture.

We are inclusive

We engage directly with thousands of individual panel members from all backgrounds, co-creating our products and processes with their input. Our members are involved in testing every major technology release.

This year, members with visual impairments provided valuable, actionable feedback on our fraud checks. This helped us balance inclusion and data quality, improving the experience for everyone.

Every YouGov staff member completes mandatory neutrality training. Our researchers follow clear guidelines to ensure content and presentation is neutral and inclusive, working with experts to balance research needs with member experience.

We are accessible

We go beyond the minimum. Leaders in our product and engineering teams are committed to the practice of accessibility by default.

In 2022, our survey experience was rebuilt from the ground up to ensure it meets the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

Responsiveness, keyboard navigation, and screen reader support are considered core requirements in all member-facing platforms, and accessibility features like voice control are built into our mobile apps.