Latest leadership approval ratings April 18th (net) - David Cameron 0, Ed Miliband -18, Nick Clegg -36, Nigel Farage +6

36% of British adults say Ed Miliband is doing well as leader of the Labour party, while 54% say he is doing badly. 36% is his highest positive rating since December 2012 and -18 is his best net rating since the same time.

47% say Nigel Farage is doing well at UKIP leader, and 41% say badly, the best overall ratings of any leader (though 47% say David Cameron is doing well as PM). However, the +6 rating ties with the previous week as the lowest YouGov has recorded for Farage out of 11 times the question has been asked about him since April 2013. Farage received a net +35 rating in October 2014. 

  Well Badly Don't know
  % % %
David Cameron 47 47 6
Ed Miliband 36 54 9
Nick Clegg 27 63 10
Nigel Farage 47 41 11

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