Most British men and women say they wouldn’t be annoyed if their partner went to a strip club on someone else’s stag or hen do 

How many arguments have been caused, in how many relationships, about whether attending a strip club is acceptable? Poll results are unlikely to have much influence in a domestic dispute, but here nonetheless is a new piece of evidence: the majority of people in Britain think it IS acceptable for a person in a relationship to go to a strip club on a stag or hen do.

Of those who are willing to answer questions about strip clubs (80%), men are unsurprisingly more comfortable with the idea of going to one. 50% say they'd comfortably go to a strip club on a friend's stag do and 24% say they'd go but feel uncomfortable – for women, 30% say they'd go comfortably and 30% say they'd go but feel uncomfortable.

But British men and women don't really seem to mind the thought of a partner ending up in a strip club on a friend's stag or hen do. Men are more at ease – 77% say they wouldn't be annoyed if their partner went to one on a friend's hen do – but then most women (61%) say they wouldn't be angry either.

The line, for women at least, does seem to be drawn at heading to a strip club on one's own stag do. Women still tend to say they wouldn't be annoyed, but this is by a far smaller margin of 50-43%, and when asked about their partner going to a strip club on their own, not as part of a stag do, most women (62%) say they'd be annoyed. Men on the other hand still say they wouldn't be bothered by their partner ending up in a strip club or show on their own hen do (69%), or even completely by themselves (56%).

Men and women are largely in agreement that strip clubs aren't a positive part of British culture, however, and the word most associated with them overall is 'sexist' (42%), followed by 'old fashioned' (33%) and 'dirty' (31%).

The hen party is a relatively new phenomenon, and the industry has grown in spite of the economic climate since 2008. Where male events tend to include sports and, of course, strip clubs, hen parties have popularised slightly less direct nudity, for example through life drawing classes or themed strippers.

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