‘Summer here at last’?

May 24, 2010, 11:42 PM GMT+0

The mini heatwave that has hit Britain over the weekend has sent TellYouGov users into ‘tygging’ overdrive. With temperatures hitting a scorching 30 degrees centigrade in some parts of the country, the hottest it has been since September of last year, things have been hotting up on the site’s leaderboard. The topic ‘Weather’ received a volume of 135 (significantly, not far below David Cameron and the controversially-striking British Airways) and a high score of 121 over the weekend.

This high score is reflection of users, or ‘tyggers’, responding positively to the sunny treat with comments, or ‘tygs’, bursting with comments like ‘BRING ON THE SUNSHINE’ and ‘[I] absolutely love this country when the sun is shining’. With parts of the UK reaching temperatures higher than those seen in mainland Europe it isn’t surprising that TellYouGov has received such tygs as ‘been really nice today - like being on holiday’.

There appears to be concern over how long this sunny spell will last however, with one tygger commenting ‘summer is here at last. Hope it lasts longer than a week’, and another saying ‘let's hope this is not [the only summery weather we get!]’ One tygger had a more scathing attitude, remarking the weather to be ‘great at the moment...something the Government can't spoil’.

While most of the public were out worshipping the sun, others were tygging their dislike of the hot weather, lamenting ‘[it’s] too hot. I can't concentrate on work!’ and others perhaps having spent too long sunbathing, simply saying ‘Ouch, burny’.

Despite these complaints from tyggers and reports that it is likely to cool down significantly this week, most are determined to enjoy the weather while it lasts. As one tygger accurately remarked: ‘wahey! What more to say!?’

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