Cast iron comments for Iron Man 2

May 07, 2010, 5:06 PM GMT+0

Iron Man 2, the eagerly awaited sequel to the hugely successful first film, is proving a hit among users, or ‘tyggers’, on the TellYouGov leaderboard, which has seen an average score of 79 over the past week, peaking at 118.

However, despite the film’s mainly positive reception, it seems opinion is largely divided on how it compares to its predecessor, Iron Man.

The film, loaded with special effects and high-drama battles, sees Robert Downey Jr.’s billionaire character Tony Stark dealing with the consequences of losing his secret identity (he was unmasked as Iron Man in the first film) and taking on new Russian enemy Ivan Vanko, is triumphing at the UK box office. It debuted at number 1 over the last weekend and has taken an impressive £7.6m to date.

In line with such success, the film’s is currently riding high on the leaderboard with an impressive sentiment score of 81, and the overwhelming majority of comments, or ‘tygs’, about the film are positive.

One simply called it ‘excellent’, while another enthused that it was ‘amazing!’ Others have praised the ‘great action sequences’ and for being ‘great fun from start to finish’, calling it ‘a must see’ and expressing admiration for Downey’s portrayal of the ‘fab’ masked hero.

However, while some believe the film is ‘better than its predecessor’, there are still those for whom the sequel has failed to live up to the high expectations set by Iron Man’s first incarnation. One tygger described the film as a ‘very disappointing sequel’, another complained that it ‘doesn’t move the game on from Iron Man 1’, while one categorically stated that it was ‘not a patch on the first one’.

Notably, however, many still enjoyed Iron Man 2, even if they consider the first film to be the superior of the two. One tygger even wrote that while the film may ‘not be as fun as the first’, it is still ‘one hell of a movie!’ Perhaps some negative reviews are less to do with the merits of the new film and more of a testament to the huge success of Iron Man 1. Whatever the reason, with the vast majority of tygs expressing glowing reviews of the new film, it seems the popularity of the still only recently released Iron Man 2 could still be set to grow.

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