Love it or hate it?

April 26, 2010, 7:09 PM GMT+0

The famous spread has received a huge amount of support over the past month with 80% of all comments, or ‘tygs’, being positive.

Just 60 out of the 300 tygs had something negative to say about the yeasty treat which translates to just 20% of all the sentiments expressed. Many users, or ‘tyggers’ were impressed by the healthiness of the popular snack, with one praising it as ‘very good for tasty low calorie food’ and another calling it ‘wholesome [and] full of vitamins’. Others purely expressed their adoration, with one tygger claiming ‘you either love it or...really love it’.

The brand’s new advertising campaign (for its new cereal bars) has added to the brand’s increasingly positive sentiment position on TellYouGov’s leaderboard. The new campaign plays on the ubiquitous ‘love it or hate it’ theme and parodies stereotypical adverts for other products, such as perfume and shower gel, featuring models washing or spraying themselves in unlikely (and non-existent) Marmite cosmetics, before drawing the eye to the less ‘objectionable’ cereal bars.

A number of tyggers have professed their love for the new adverts, calling them ‘great’ and ‘amusing’. However, perhaps the product itself is not so appealing. Although one satisfied customer called it ‘clever and creative’, three quarters of tyggers who chose to mention the new bars did so negatively, with one tygger describing them as ‘plain wrong’, several lamenting the ‘disgusting taste and texture’, and another simply proclaiming ‘yuck!’.

Although sentiments about Marmite as a whole were overwhelmingly positive, its ‘haters’ held up a strong defence. One tygger moaned ‘who eats this poison?’, another claimed they ‘wouldn’t feed it to a dog’. The final word for the ‘haters’, though, should perhaps go to one particularly irate tygger, who quipped ‘that reminds me - I have to get some manure for my roses’.

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