Brits want 4 day week

February 28, 2013, 1:01 PM GMT+0

Almost three-quarters of employed Brits would favour longer working days for a four day week.

An overwhelming majority (72%) of Britons in employment would choose to work for two more hours each workday in exchange for another day off a week. In contrast, one-fifth (20%) would rather work their current hours, and 8% are unsure. Last month, the Gambia introduced a four day week for public sector workers, with Friday as an extra day off.

Our poll reveals a significant gender divide, with men being more likely to favour a four day working week than women.

  • Almost eight in ten (77%) employed men want to work an extra two hours a day and get another day off, compared to 17% who would prefer to work for five days
  • Two-thirds (67%) of women who have jobs say they would choose to work for longer each workday in exchange for a four day week, while almost a quarter (24%) favour their current working hours

Working for pleasure

A plurality (43%) of employed Brits say they would still go to work even if they could afford not to, compared to just over half (51%) who would quit their jobs if they did not need to earn a living.

Working Londoners are the most likely to say that they would continue to work even if they didn’t have to, being the only region in Britain with a majority (55%) favouring this decision.


Our poll also shows that half (50%) of employed Brits like most or all of the people that they work with, compared to two-fifths (40%) that say they like many of their colleagues but dislike a few. Less than one in ten (8%) dislike most or all of the people they work with.

The results reveal another regional split, with Scots being the most likely to get along with their work colleagues. A majority (57%) of Scots in employment say they like most or all of the people they work with.

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