Cut the transmission

July 18, 2011, 11:18 PM GMT+0

BBC Radio 6 is the station most Brits would choose to cut from a list of the BBC’s major TV and radio stations, our poll has found. It was, perhaps relatedly, the only digital radio station included in our poll’s list.

Following the agreement to freeze the license fee cost for six years, the BBC is currently considering how to save money. From our list of major BBC TV and radio stations, Radio 6 was the station most chosen to go, followed by BBC 4, BBC Radio 3 and BBC 3.

However, it’s important to note that BBC Radio 6 was the only digital radio station included in our poll, and the results may simply reflect its more limited potential audience.

Talking of the cuts, the salaries of BBC executives and stars have faced criticism in the press, and our poll shows that more than four out of five people agree that the £668,300 a year salary which BBC director general Mark Thompson receives is unjustified and that there is ‘no legitimate reason’ why he should be paid such as large amount.

  • In the BBC’s attempts to cut costs following a six year freeze on the television licence fee 37% of British people say that the corporation should shut down BBC Radio 6, making it the station most chosen to face the axe
  • 29% of people say that BBC 4 should go
  • While BBC Radio 3 and BBC 3 gained 18% apiece of the vote
  • Of our list, BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 are the stations people would least like to see closed (8% and 7% respectively think these should be cut)
  • While 31% of people thought none of the stations or channels should close and that the BBC should look for cuts elsewhere
  • Meanwhile, 82% of people believe that the salary of Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, is too high and ‘unjustified’ at £668,300 a year
  • And just 10% say his wage is justified and that it’s right that the head of a large organisation of the BBC’s stature receives a high salary

80,000 signatures

BBC Radio 6 made headlines last year when plans to close it were reversed by a public outcry and protests from a number of high profile fans. A campaign on social networking website Twitter counted down the hours to ‘Save 6 Music’, while a petition against the cuts gained 80,000 signatures.

At the time, the Guardian published a letter from more than 40 actors, musicians and comedians, including famous names such as Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Meera Syal and Sanjeev Bhaskar, in opposition to the closure of Radio 6 and another digital radio station, the Asian Network. The BBC had published its Strategy Review at the start of March and proposed the closure not just of Radio 6 and the Asian Network (both digital stations), but also of a quarter of the BBC's website pages.

While axing Radio 6 was popular with 37% in our poll, a more crowd pleasing move might be to cut back on the salaries of executives and talent within the company. 82% of people believe that director general of the BBC Mark Thompson is overpaid, while around 78% of people think the BBC’s executives, presenters and stars are paid too much.