Alice Moran
  • Can you dig it?Article

    Can you dig it?

    Almost half of British people would support utility companies having to pay a fee to dig up roads, our poll has revealed. Some have suggested that charging companies for each day the road remains dug up would minimise the frequency and length of time that roads are obstructed, but some counter that any fees would just be passed onto customers in the form of higher bills. More than a third of those polled would oppose the fees.

    31 Aug 2011
  • National citizen serviceArticle

    National citizen service

    More than half of British people support reintroducing ‘national service’, a compulsory period within the armed services for all young people, our poll has revealed, which asked the question in light of the riots which hit English cities earlier this month. ‘National citizen service’, a mandatory spell of community service for all young people, had even more support, with over three quarters of our poll saying they support the idea.

    31 Aug 2011
  • A wee issueArticle

    A wee issue

    Nearly three quarters of British people think that it is never acceptable to urinate in the street, our poll has discovered, while fewer than one in five think that it’s sometimes all right to do so. However, young people are far more accepting than the older generation, and people in Scotland are far more tolerant towards the action than people in the Midlands, Wales, and the south of England.

    31 Aug 2011
  • Nine a bottleArticle

    Nine a bottle

    When it comes to wine, British people aged between 18 and 24 and Londoners would expect to pay over £9 for a ‘decent’ bottle of wine, our poll has revealed. Those in the ‘North’ region, however, would say that a ‘decent’ bottle of wine is likely to come with an average price tag of just over £7. British people over 60 years of age would also expect to part with just £7 for what they'd deem to be a 'decent' bottle.

    30 Aug 2011
  • Last train homeArticle

    Last train home

    Nearly four out of five British people think that the train fares in Britain are generally bad value, our poll has discovered, while two in five class fares as ‘very bad value’. Train fares are increasing as the Government cuts subsidies as part of its plans to reduce the deficit, but nearly half of respondents think that the rail subsidies should be maintained, even if it means cutting funding elsewhere.

    26 Aug 2011
  • Higher (class) educationArticle

    Higher (class) education

    More than half of British adults think that top UK universities are ‘mostly’ attended by people who went to private schools, our poll has revealed, in the same week as record high A-level and GSCE results come out across the country, and competition for University places increases.

    26 Aug 2011
  • Repairing broken BritainArticle

    Repairing broken Britain

    Brits think that neither Prime Minister David Cameron nor Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband has the best policies to ‘fix broken Britain’, our poll has revealed. When asked who has the best policies to ‘fix broken Britain’ three in ten British people say Prime Minister David Cameron, two in ten say leader of the opposition Ed Miliband, but a resounding four in ten think neither man has the capabilities.

    25 Aug 2011
  • Unmask the riotersArticle

    Unmask the rioters

    Eight in ten British people think that under-18s connected with the riots that took place earlier this month should be named, even though courts do not normally reveal the identities of young people under 18, our poll has found. Relatedly, over nine in ten people think that those involved in the rioting should help repair damaged property. Possible measures taken against rioters

    25 Aug 2011
  • Dieting for kids?Article

    Dieting for kids?

    Less than 10% of British people would support the idea of a book on ‘dieting’ aimed at children aged six and up, our poll has found, amid news that a children’s book called ‘Maggie Goes On a Diet’ will be released in October. However, when we asked panellists the same question, but replacing the word ‘dieting’ with ‘healthy eating’, the idea received much stronger support.

    24 Aug 2011
  • Lets face itArticle

    Lets face it

    Are you male and looking for a date? It might be a good idea to shave beforehand, our survey suggests, as we discover that two thirds of British women prefer the appearance of a man without a beard, compared to less than one in ten who like the more hirsute type.

    23 Aug 2011