Repairing broken Britain

August 25, 2011, 11:23 PM GMT+0

Brits think that neither Prime Minister David Cameron nor Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband has the best policies to ‘fix broken Britain’, our poll has revealed.

When asked who has the best policies to ‘fix broken Britain’ three in ten British people say Prime Minister David Cameron, two in ten say leader of the opposition Ed Miliband, but a resounding four in ten think neither man has the capabilities.

In terms of how well they’ve responded to the riots, opinion is split over both Cameron and Miliband’s performance, with slightly more people thinking the Prime Minister performed badly than thinking he did well.

  • 28% of British people think that Prime Minister David Cameron has the best policies to ‘fix broken Britain’
  • While 18% think Labour leader Ed Miliband is better equipped to ‘fix broken Britain’
  • Even so, the highest single percentage of people (40%) believe that neither Cameron nor Miliband has the capabilities
  • In terms of how they have responded to the riots, 45% of people think David Cameron responded well
  • While 49% believe he has responded badly
  • 42% think Ed Miliband has responded well
  • While 41% believe that the leader of the opposition has responded badly to the recent riots across England, meaning that there is no majority view on the Labour leader either way

Following the rioting which took place across many cities in England earlier this month, Prime Minister David Cameron promised repercussions in response to the rioting and looting.

Our recent poll on the subject found that 74% of British people think that ‘Britain as a whole is broken’, and 37% feel that they actually live in a ‘broken’ area.

In a speech in his Oxfordshire constituency, Mr Cameron said fixing Britain's ‘broken society’ was of crucial importance and that he is up to the challenge of ‘fixing broken Britain’.

‘The Coalition Government will review every aspect of our work to mend our broken society’, he said.