Piloting the Pill

November 09, 2010, 11:21 PM GMT+0

Over 1000 of our panellists have given mixed responses to the news that a controversial pilot scheme has been launched on the Isle of Wight, which allows girls as young as thirteen to obtain the Pill from their pharmacy without parental consent or doctor’s consultation.

Many supported the scheme, with some doing so begrudgingly, and others wholeheartedly behind it.

  • ‘It’s not ideal, but at least an effort is being made to reduce teenage pregnancies,’ said one respondent, while another described it as ‘regrettable but necessary.’
  • ‘We can’t dismiss the issue [of teenage pregnancy]; we have to address it, which is what the pilot is doing,’ said a supportive respondent.
  • ‘It’s a sensible idea, we have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe,’ corroborated another.

However, a large proportion of respondents expressed ‘outrage’ and ‘disgust’ at the idea, with many stressing the fact that underage sex is ‘illegal’ and ‘should not be encouraged’.

  • ‘It’s basically giving the ok for underage sex,’ one respondent argued.
  • A high number of respondents pointed out that the Pill ‘may deal with pregnancy but not STIs’.
  • Many suggested that if the scheme should go ahead at it should ‘only do so in conjunction with proper education’ .
  • Others worried that it could ‘lead to cases of sexual abuse going undetected’.

Finally, some people decided to withhold judgement on the scheme until the pilot is over, with one saying ‘let’s look at the results and see from there.’

What people are saying about the Pill pilot scheme

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