Colder on Cole

October 27, 2010, 5:45 PM GMT+0

Pop songstress Cheryl Cole may have made headlines with her X Factor performance this weekend, but many users flocking to TellYouGov were unimpressed by her performance.

At the time of writing, Cheryl’s volume score currently stands at an impressive 416, up 221 points in the past 48 hours, but her sentiment score is a low -157, down 85 points in the same time frame, suggesting people are talking negatively about the Girls Aloud star.

Integrity issues

  • ‘She’s not much of a star if she has to mime every performance,’ commented one tygger, referring to the rumours that all, or some, of the show was lip-synced.
  • Another said that by miming [Cheryl] ‘lost her integrity’.

The singer performed her new single Promise This, from her new album Messy Little Raindrops, on the Sunday results broadcast of the ITV show, but some users, or ‘tyggers’, disagreed with her decision to mime the song, given that the programme’s contestants are required to sing live.

According to the show’s producers, the song was also pre-recorded, as it was impractical for Cheryl to complete her judging duties and also focus on her performance. This was despite Sunday night’s programme being edited to look as if Cheryl was actually singing during the show.

Cheryl’s costume choice of stripy stockings, miniscule black tutu and futuristic-looking jacket didn’t cut it with some tyggers either.

  • One asked if ‘she [was] wearing insulation tape on her legs?’
  • While another described her outfit as an ‘”is she wearing knickers?” top’ alluding to the fact that her jacket and tutu only just covered her tiny behind.
  • ‘She’s an awful ambassador for [cosmetics giant] L’Oreal!’ proclaimed one tygger.

‘Genuine, grounded, honest’

However, members of ‘team Cheryl’ remain vocal in their support for the Geordie lass, and have been especially supportive about her appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories show (also ITV) last Saturday, which saw her break into tears discussing the breakup of her marriage and recent malaria scare.

  • ‘She’s a genuine, grounded and honest person,’ said one tygger,
  • While another enthused ‘she was great on Piers Morgan’s show and I loved her dance routine on X Factor’.
  • ‘Love love love her!’ commented one happy fan.

But despite some ongoing support, it seems that Cheryl may no longer be able to claim the title of the nation’s undisputed sweetheart, at least among interested members of our panel. ‘I think the public have finally sussed her,’ one tygger said.

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