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September 29, 2010, 11:27 PM GMT+0

With the third series of BAFTA award winning E4 schoolboy series the Inbetweeners well underway, TellYouGov users, or tyggers, are still raving about the hit comedy that’s gone majorly mainstream. And it seems the support is widespread: the new series has secured the highest viewing figures in E4’s history, with 2.6 million viewers across E4 and E4+1.

  • The topic has a rising volume score of 23 points (up 23 in the past 48 hours)
  • Its sentiment score is 21, and with barely a negative comment among a slew of positives, the picture is of a slow-burn, resounding success among tyggers.
  • Many comments, or tygs, describe the show as ‘hilarious’, ‘amazing’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘fantastic’.
  • Others suggest that the programme is ‘the best comedy on TV at the moment’, ‘the funniest show on TV’ and possibly even ‘the best thing E4 ever did’.
  • The Inbetweeners, which first aired in 2008, follows four friends Will, Jay, Neil and Simon, as they negotiate their way through the social minefield that is sixth form at an average comprehensive college. Tripping up over the usual teenage rites of passage, the four friends occupy the blurry social standing that many viewers will be familiar with - neither cool kids nor geeks, they are the ‘inbetweeners’.The Inbetweeners on TellYouGov‘Mummy or an ambulance’The third series so far has featured numerous awkward encounters with the opposite sex, wardrobe-malfunctions, an exposed testicle, an attempt to ‘do drugs’ that ended in a plea for ‘mummy or ambulance’ and – finally – a real life girlfriend for one of the boys.
    • Many tyggers ‘love the new season’, quelling fears that the third and final season could prolong the programme for too long. ‘It’s getting better every episode,’ enthused one happy viewer, while another observed that ‘it’s still brilliant even in the difficult third season.’
    • The at-times explicit content of the programme has not gone without mention. One called it ‘a little crude but funny’, while another said ‘I’m so ashamed it makes me laugh!’
    • The ‘Fashion Show’ episode that features multiple close ups of Simon’s exposed testicle is a particular favourite with tyggers, ‘It had me in tears’ said one person. ‘Excellent. Bit vulgar, but still hilarious,’ one viewer observed.
    • Only a couple of tyggers had anything negative to say. One disapprovingly called the show ‘very rude’ while another simply condemned it as ‘average TV’.
    Although this is the final series of the Inbetweeners, fans need not despair just yet. Writers of the series are currently working on a film for the grand finale, which will see the four boys celebrating the end of their A-level exams by going on a ‘lads’ holiday’ to notorious party hotspot Malia, Crete.Have your say: The TellYouGov keyword for this topic is 'The Inbetweeners'What is TellYouGov?
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