Lego adverts hit home with consumers

John SpencerSenior Research Executive
March 19, 2014, 5:07 PM GMT+0

Several big British brands have cleverly capitalised on the hoopla around The Lego Movie by recreating their existing TV adverts using Lego people. The results are certainly amusing and – according to new research from YouGov – the Lego-acted adverts performed better than the original versions in terms of engaging viewers.

Using online advertisement dial testing, we are able to determine in real time to what extent viewers are engaged with an advert, allowing us to capture how consumers are feeling, unfiltered and directly from the comfort of their own homes. The research was conducted using large scale quantitative samples, and then respondents were asked follow-up questions so that we could get a deeper sense of how they felt about what they were seeing.

Here, we tested ad breaks from The British Heart Foundation,, BT and Premier Inn. In each instance the Lego ads performed better than the original versions.

People were the most engaged with the British Heart Foundation advert, with both the original and the Lego advert performing well. Indeed, this is the best performing ad break of those we have tested. Over half (53%) of people who saw the Lego ads chose the British Heart Foundation as their favourite.

Around three quarters of those watching the Lego adverts agree that “more brands should think of creative ways to advertise”. And a third (34%) of people who saw the Lego advert said they would talk about or share it with others.