England and Wales would vote to keep Scotland

November 27, 2013, 5:26 PM GMT+0

The majority of English and Welsh people say that Scotland should not be an independent country

The 2014 referendum on whether Scotland should remain a member of the United Kingdom may only be posed to the Scottish, but it is a two-way issue nevertheless. David Cameron has expressed serious intent to preserve the Union, but were English leaders and the public to turn their backs, Scottish support for independence may be easier to arouse.

The wording of the referendum question is, currently, “Should Scotland be an independent country?”, to which 22% of all UK adults say they would vote ‘Yes’ if they were able to vote.

The majority (55%) would vote ‘No’ however, while 8% say they would not vote and 15% do not know.

The numbers are the same without Scottish voters as with them: 55% of English and Welsh adults would vote to keep the Union.

Support among Conservatives is highest, with 65% supporting the Union compared to 60% of Labour voters, 62% of Liberal Democrats and 55% UKIP supporters.

Although their traditional ‘Conservative and Unionist Party’ title may suggest this, many leading politicians have noted how Scottish independence would make Conservative majorities considerably more likely in England.

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