Scots gearing up for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

July 29, 2013, 2:42 PM GMT+0

A third (32%) of all Scots are likely to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, according the results of YouGov’s latest Scottish Omnibus.

The poll found that younger Scots are the most likely to say they’re thinking of going to ‘The Fringe’, which is held every year in August in the Scottish capital and is the world’s largest arts festival.

Over half (53%) of 18-34-year-olds in Scotland say they are either very likely or fairly likely to attend the festival this year, while around a quarter of older Scots say they are thinking of attending.

There was markedly less enthusiasm for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which is held at the same time as The Fringe, with only one in 10 Scots (9%) saying they are likely to attend. For The Scottish Highland Games, also held in August, only 7% of people in Scotland say they are thinking about going.

2014 Commonwealth Games

Nearly four in 10 (39%) Scots say they are excited for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Glasgow next summer, while 61% say they are not excited. Interestingly, women in Scotland say they are more excited about the Games than men (43% versus 34%).

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