Lynton Who?

July 19, 2013, 10:16 AM GMT+0

73% of the public have never heard of, or don’t know anything about, Lynton Crosby

The Conservative Party’s election strategist Lynton Crosby has become the centre of an attack by Labour, after it emerged that other paid clients include Tobacco firms. The Labour Party is petitioning members for an enquiry into whether David Cameron had conversations with Crosby about shelving plans for plain cigarette packaging, have called the Prime Minister’s behaviour “disgraceful,” and have been sending out emails to all Labour members promoting the issue. But new research by YouGov finds that most people still don't know who Crosby even is.

61% of British adults “have never heard” of Lynton Crosby, and 12% know the name “but don’t know what he does or anything about him.”

Only 12% know who he is and a little about what he does, and an even smaller 11% know “what job he currently does and something about him.”

David Cameron has apparently refused 12 times to say whether he had conversations with Crosby over plain cigarette packaging, after the proposal they endorsed last year was dropped this week. Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps said "Lynton Crosby advises the Conservative Party on political strategy; he doesn't advise on policy” and added: "This is looking like a smear campaign."

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