Beckham speaks, Twitter listens

July 15, 2013, 2:08 PM GMT+0

It would seem that David Beckham’s star is so bright that all the football legend need do is utter a few sentences to generate headlines around the world, and a flurry of activity on social media.

So far today, a fifth (20%) of the UK Twitter population has heard about Beckham following a triple-hitter of media coverage, according to YouGov SoMA.

Top words mentioned alongside David Beckham on Twitter today are: ‘sky’, ‘united’, ‘manchester’ and ‘baby’.

‘Sky’ refers to Beckham’s new advert for Sky Sports, which features six different versions of the same suave superstar watching the network’s football coverage in a luxury hotel room.

‘United’ and ‘Manchester’ refer of course to Beckham’s alma mater. Becks is on the front of the sports pages today after stating publicly that strike Wayne Rooney should stay at Old Trafford.

Finally, the somewhat incongruous ‘baby’ being mentioned alongside Becks on Twitter is because the recently retired footballer decided to wade into Royal Baby mania, declaring that if it’s a boy then the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should name their first child after him.

Yesterday, 13% of UK Twitter users heard about Beckham when news of his campaign for Sky Sports trickled out, but it was his interventions into the fate of Wayne Rooney and the as yet unnamed Royal Baby that sent his Twitter reach soaring.

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