Burberry Kisses set hearts alight on Twitter

Burberry and Google have partnered on a new campaign called ‘Burberry Kisses’, which allows users to send a digital imprint of their lips to a loved one anywhere in the world, from any device.

The campaign advert features a European-looking couple of ample cheekbone – and both wearing beige Burberry trench coats – pressing their lips to their smart phones, and then using the Google interface to send each other digital kisses as a sultry song plays in the background.

Looking to YouGov SoMA, we can see that the campaign has definitely connected with UK Twitter users. On Wednesday, the day of the campaign launch, 14% of the UK Twitter population heard about Burberry, up from just 3% the day before. Top words mentioned alongside the brand included: “google”, “kisses” and “send”.

However, Burberry’s Twitter reach dropped down to 5% yesterday, and today stands at just 2%, meaning less people are currently hearing about the brand on Twitter than were the day before the campaign launch. Therefore, after an initial splash the campaign’s social media activity appears to have fizzled fast.

Part of the campaign is an interactive map of each kiss sent, which will update in real-time to show which cities are sending the most kisses, and so it could be that Burberry has a plan to keep users engaged beyond an initial flurry on Twitter. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the brand throughout the campaign.

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