Almost one in ten Brits would go to Mars for life

April 19, 2013, 11:26 AM GMT+0

Sick of Earth? You're not alone. 9% of Britons say they’d move to Mars – and never come back

A new YouGov poll shows nearly one in ten (9%) Britons would take a one-way trip to the Red Planet with 'Mars One', a Dutch organisation which wants to build a community of settlers on Mars and film the whole project for a Reality TV-style programme.

Using 2011 census data from the Office for National Statistics as a guide, that works out to more than four million British adults who would say yes to a one-way mission to Mars.

The survey also reveals that twice as many men (12%) as women (6%) would be up for the lifelong trip.

However, British men are not alone in their greater readiness to leave the planet. A 2010 survey for YouGov US found that 43% of men across the Atlantic would “definitely” take a free trip to outer space, compared to 21% of American women.

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