Apple lawsuits: a brand liability?

February 26, 2013, 2:32 PM GMT+0

Apple may now have to pay out more than $100 million in iTunes Store vouchers to US parents as compensation for in-app purchases made by children without parents’ permission—purchases reportedly racking up bills of around $99 to more than $300 in some cases.

The suit is the latest in a series of public legal battles for the American company, which makes popular gadgets like the iPhone and the iPad, and the potentially embarrassing fights have involved everyone from investors to competitor Samsung, and even the US Justice Department.

CEO Tim Cook has called at least one of those lawsuits a “silly sideshow. ”

But do the embattled tech company’s legal scuffles change your overall opinion of the brand or its leadership?

What's your opinion?


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iTunes Store

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Tim Cook

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Zombie Café and Zombie Café are two examples, of apps with the in-app purchasing feature that led to the most recent suit.

Are you a fan?

Zombie Cafe

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City Story

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Fellow tech giant Samsung has tussled with Apple in the courtroom a number of times. In one case Samsung lost big, and in another Apple was ordered to post a public apology to its rival on its own website.

Have these disputes made you more or less sympathetic to Apple’s competitors?


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