General election 2024: Tories at lowest favourability score with one week to election

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
June 27, 2024, 10:44 AM GMT+0

Keir Starmer continues to outpace his Conservative rival

With a week to go until the election, our latest poll finds Sunak continues to have extremely low favourability ratings. Only one in five Britons (19%) have a positive opinion of the prime minister, compared to 75% who have a negative view. This gives him a net favourability score of -56 – equal to that we found last week, which represented a new record low for the prime minister.

In fact, survey data conducted in between this week’s weekly update and last week’s found Sunak had slipped fractionally to an even lower ebb of -57.

Attitudes towards the Conservative party are identical to those towards its leader (-56), which represents the lowest score for the party since YouGov started favourability tracking in 2016.

Only 43% of those who backed the party in 2019 still have a favourable view of the Tories, compared to 53% with an unfavourable opinion, giving a net score of -10.

Labour leader Keir Starmer continues to be significantly more popular (or less unpopular) than his Tory counterpart. More than one in three Britons (36%) have a favourable view of Starmer, although a majority still have an unfavourable view (56%).

The Labour party is slightly more popular than its leader: 40% have a positive view compared to 52% with a negative one.

Nigel Farage is the party leader with the second highest favourability score, at 27%, followed by Lib Dem leader Ed Davey on 26% - although Farage is unpopular with far more (66% vs 34%). Four in ten Britons answer “don’t know” with respect to Davey – a recent YouGov poll showed that most Britons couldn’t recognise him when shown his picture, including a third of Lib Dem voters.

The Green leaders are largely unknown – only 11% and 6% respectively have favourable views of Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay, while 71-78% answer “don’t know”.

The Green party itself is much more well known – and regarded. Four in ten Britons (41%) have a positive view of the Greens, equal to the number with an unfavourable view, making it the most popular national party, albeit with a net favourability score of zero.

Almost as many have a positive opinion of the Lib Dems (39%), while 27% have a favourable view of Reform UK, making them more popular than their Tory rivals, although still unpopular overall (61% have a negative view).

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