Election betting scandal cuts through with public

Sarah LedouxDoctoral Researcher, Political Analytics team
Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
Camilla WaldenYouGov Daily Editor
June 21, 2024, 4:09 PM GMT+0

YouGov’s AI-powered news tracker finds one in six noticed the story more than anything else in the news

With increasing numbers of Conservative figures being investigated over allegations of insider betting on the date of the general election, including the party’s own director of campaigning, the scandal was plastered all over today’s front pages.

The public have noticed. The story surged to first place in today’s results for YouGov’s AI-powered news tracker, which asks Britons to say in their own words what one news story they heard most about in the last few days.

The election betting scandal was volunteered by 17% of people, slightly more than the general election more broadly, at 15%.

Outside of the election campaign itself, only two news stories have achieved greater cut through on this measure in the time we’ve been running this tracker: the disappearance and death of Michael Mosley, which peaked at 30% on 10 June, and Rishi Sunak’s D-Day event blunder, which peaked at 26% on the same day.

Asked today in a separate poll, 77% of Britons say that if staff members or prospective MPs with insider knowledge of the date of the general election were found to have made a bet on the date before it was announced, they should face criminal prosecution.

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