Public confidence on law and order

October 23, 2012, 1:58 PM GMT+0

Drop in public confidence in Tories on law and order

Polls carried out before and after the Conservative Party Conference reveal that the public’s confidence in the Tories on questions of law and order declined by five points.

Asked which party would handle law and order best, 30% of the public chose the Conservative Party, down from 35% at the time of the Tory conference, held from 7-10 October in Birmingham. The Conservatives were still voters’ top choice for the party that would best handle law and order, however, but confidence in Labour on this issue increased slightly from 23% to 25% following conference season.

Prime Minister David Cameron will give a major speech next week calling for a “tough but intelligent” approach to law and order, which is expected to be a main focus for the Government going forward.

Drop in perception for Cameron

Public perception of David Cameron became more negative following the Conservative Party Conference, while voters viewed Ed Miliband in a slightly more positive light after the Labour Party conference. Views of Nick Clegg remained largely the same.

Those who see the Prime Minister as “charismatic” dropped from 22% to 17%, while the percentage of those who believe the “sticks to what he believes in” declined from 20% to 16%. There was also a four point drop in those who described him as a “natural leader”.

Meanwhile, for Ed Miliband, the percentage of people who said he was “in touch with the concerns of ordinary people” increased from 25% to 29% following the Labour conference.

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