SNP lead over Labour bounces back to double digits

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
September 15, 2023, 3:07 PM GMT+0

Latest Westminster, Holyrood and independence voting intention

In early August our poll showed that Labour had closed the lead with the SNP in Westminster voting intention to four points, with the latter on 32% and the former on 36%, with the SNP giving their worst showing since 2014.

While the SNP vote share is now little better (38%), Labour’s has fallen back by five points to 27%, meaning the SNP now lead their closest rival by 11 points.

Vote shares for other parties are effectively unchanged, with the Tories on 16%, Lib Dems on 7%, Greens on 6% and Reform UK on 4%.

A similar story plays out in the Holyrood voting intention, with a -3 change for Labour’s vote share in both the constituency and list votes and the SNP vote share essentially unchanged.

On the issue of Scottish independence, the No side remains in the lead, by 53% to 47%.

Party leaders

Perceptions of the leaders of the three largest parties in Scotland remain effectively unchanged since last month’s poll. First minister Humza Yousaf is seen as doing a good job by 31% and a bad one by 45%. Anas Sarwar is seen as doing a good job managing Scottish Labour by 31% to 27%, while Scottish Conservative leader is seen as doing badly by 47% to 19%.