Rishi Sunak approval lowest since becoming PM

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
July 19, 2023, 8:58 AM GMT+0

Tory voters are now split on the Conservative leader

The latest YouGov favourability tracker shows that Rishi Sunak’s net favourability rating has fallen to its lowest level to date: -40, down from -34 at in late June. Almost two thirds of Britons (65%) have an unfavourable view of the prime minister, compared to 25% a favourable one.

Conservative voters themselves are split, with 47% holding a favourable view and 45% an unfavourable one. In our last poll, Sunak had continued to hold a double digits lead among those who voted for his party in 2019, by 51% to 40%.

Keir Starmer’s favourability ratings have also fallen, with his score dropping from -14 in late June to -22 now. One in three Britons have a favourable view of the leader of the opposition, while 54% have an unfavourable one.

Labour voters continue to stand behind the party leader, however, with 60% having a positive opinion of Starmer and 31% a negative one.

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