Conservative members have buyer’s remorse

Patrick EnglishDirector of Political Analytics
October 18, 2022, 11:00 AM GMT+0

Members regret electing Liz Truss, and would vote for Rishi Sunak instead if given the chance again

With the ongoing political chaos at Westminster dominating headlines, a new YouGov Political Research snap poll of Conservative party members finds significant buyer’s remorse among the party membership surrounding their September decision to elect Liz Truss leader.

Most party members say they would not back the prime minister again if given the chance of a re-run of that summer contest: 55% of members say they would back Rishi Sunak this time around, with just 25% supporting Truss.

Only half of those who backed Truss as the leadership election say they would do so again (50%). A quarter would switch their vote to Sunak (24%), while 22% would not be able to bring themselves to vote.

A full 83% of Conservative members say Truss is doing badly as prime minster, including 72% of those who voted for her in the summer leadership election contest. Just 15% think she is doing well.

Close to two thirds of Conservative Party members (64%) say Truss is doing worse than they had expected as leader. This includes 70% of those who backed Truss in the summer, as well as 56% of those who backed rival Rishi Sunak. Two in five Sunak supporters (42%) believe Truss is doing “as expected”.

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