An archi-what?

September 03, 2012, 3:33 PM GMT+0

Many Britons unsure about what architects do, e.g. design, accounts, getting planning permission

Significant percentages of British adults do not know what an architect does, according to our survey for former star of BBC series The Apprentice Gabrielle Omar, and architecture community website

While just 15% did not know that architects 'design buildings', the finer points of an architect's typical job were even more unknown, the online poll of 2,031 British adults showed.

  • 91% didn't know that architects run financial accounts for building projects, while 86% weren't aware that architects select, negotiate with and manage all the contractors
  • 79% didn’t know that architects ensure that the construction site complies with Health & Safety legislation
  • 74% didn't know architects can deal with certification for building projects, and 72% didn't know that they usually apply for planning permission in the first place
  • 69% didn't realise architects negotiate planning permission with the local authorities, while 48% didn't know that architects prepare specifications for building projects
  • And over one in five (22%) did not know that it is an architect's job to prepare detailed construction drawings for building projects

Commenting on the poll findings, Omar explained that "the right answer is that they do all of the above. So the next time you're planning an extension or a new build," she advised, "Ring an architect. They may be of more help than you realise!"

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