Labour now 32 points ahead of the Conservatives in London

Abigail Axe-BrownePolitical Research Executive
January 19, 2022, 9:48 AM GMT+0

Labour’s lead in the capital has almost doubled from May last year

YouGov's latest Westminster voting intention figures for London show Labour has significantly increased its lead over the Conservatives since our last published poll at the time of last year’s mayoral election. Labour are currently on 55% of the vote (+4 since May 2021) while the Conservatives are on 23% (-10).

This represents Labour's biggest lead over the Conservatives in London since at least 2010, when YouGov started our dedicated London voting intention polls.

Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats currently have 9% of the vote (+2), while the Greens have 7% (no change) and Reform UK have 3% (+2).

Labour are currently retaining 73% of those who voted for them at the last general election, while the Conservatives are holding on to 50% of their 2019 electorate – about the same as the party is achieving nationally. The Liberal Democrat voter base is split between Labour (33%) and Lib Dem (31%).

YouGov also collected voting intention figures from the capital prior to the outbreak of the party scandal last week. This data suggests that the fall in Conservative support came prior to these more recent revelations, with the Conservatives holding steady on 23% of the vote compared to 7-10 January. On the other hand, Labour have increased their vote share by four points, from 51% last week.

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