O'Dwyer extradition

July 09, 2012, 10:42 AM GMT+0

Only 10% Brits would extradite file share website founder to US; 46% say shouldn't face charges

Significant numbers of the British public are opposed to extraditing British student and website host Richard O’Dwyer to the US to face criminal charges for copyright infringement, our poll shows.

Almost half believe O'Dwyer should not have to face any criminal charges at all, while just over a quarter think O’Dwyer should face charges in Britain.

  • 46% think Mr O'Dwyer should not face any criminal charges
  • 26% think he should face charges in this country
  • 9% think he should be extradited to the USA to face charges

Sheffield Hallam University student Richard O'Dwyer is the founder of TVShack.net, a site which allowed users to search for links to online streams of television and movie broadcasts from around the world. Prosecutors of the US claim he is a worthwhile target in the battle against copyright infringement, and a court in New York delivered O’Dwyer two copyright charges in 2010, which combined, could put him behind bars for up to ten years.

However, the British authorities have decided not to pursue any charges against Mr O'Dwyer as he merely provided links to copyrighted material rather than hosting the material itself. Despite this, the Home Office has released a statement saying it stands by its decision to give permission to extradite O'Dwyer to the USA.

"The UK courts found there were no statutory bars to his surrender under the Extradition Act 2003…[but] Mr O'Dwyer has appealed against the decision of the district judge and an appeal hearing will be held in due course," it said.

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