Labour members: what position should the party take on housebuilding?

Lukas PaleckisSenior Research Executive
July 13, 2021, 8:45 AM GMT+0

Members are split

In recent weeks Labour has called a debate in parliament to block the government’s housebuilding reforms. Although the government claims this will aid their house-building targets, opposition comes as the new reforms will see local officials stripped of their power to assess building applications.

This highlights the complications of balancing the number of homes built, and the authority people have over developments in their local area - so, what position should Labour take on housebuilding?

A new YouGov survey of Labour members shows that 37% think that Labour should position themselves as a party that would do more to increase the number of houses built, even if that means giving people less say over housing development in their local area.

Predictably, this is highest amongst younger Labour members, with 60% of those aged 18 to 24 agreeing Labour should position themselves in this way.

The number of members sympathising with this position slowly declines as we move up in age - 44% of those aged 25 to 49 and roughly a third of those in the 50 to 64 and 65+ age groups (34% and 33% respectively).

On the flip side, 28% think that Labour should position themselves as a party that will give people more say over housing development in the local area, even if that means a decrease in the number of homes built.

Notably, a considerable number of Labour members (30%), don’t think the Labour party should position themselves in either of these ways, and 5% didn’t know.

See the full results here

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