Most people don’t think the government will meet its 2m a week vaccine target

Eir NolsoeData Journalist
January 07, 2021, 9:48 AM GMT+0

Just three in ten think the figure is likely to be reached

The government aims to vaccinate 14 million people by mid-February. This would require two million injections a week, whereas the current record is at around 610,000 doses.

New YouGov data shows most people (58%) are sceptical that the government will meet its target, including a quarter of Britons (25%) who think it ‘very’ unlikely.

Only three in ten people (31%) believe the government is likely to reach the 2m a week figure.

Conservative voters have more faith in the government’s ability to deliver on the promise, with nearly half (48%) saying it’s likely to succeed.

In contrast, less than a fifth of Labour voters share their optimism (18%).

Only one in seven people expect COVID restrictions to end in spring

While Boris Johnson has said that the government may start to lift coronavirus restrictions from mid-February, only one in seven Britons (13%) expect they will be gone completely in spring.

Just under three in ten (28%) have their hopes set on summer, while 12% said autumn and one in twenty (5%) expect it to happen in winter 2021.

The chief medical officer for England, Chris Witty, has warned that restrictions may be reinstated next winter. A fifth of Britons think this is likely and said restrictions won’t end ‘until 2022’, while some take an even dimmer view and believe it will be a few years (7%) or may never happen (3%).

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