YouGov Statement on 2019 General Election MRP

November 27, 2019, 10:00 PM GMT+0

YouGov has a responsibility to provide accurate data for the use of the public, the media and for our clients

To this end, we will be collecting over 10,000 interviews per day throughout the 2019 general election campaign. This data will be used to create the YouGov MRP analysis. MRP allows YouGov to make more accurate predictions of voting intentions on a constituency by constituency basis by using a wider range of data including our own surveys.

YouGov is committed to providing accurate public data, including top-line versions of our syndicated client data, on our own web sites and in the media. YouGov and our media partners will be publishing two public versions of our MRP model over the course of the 2019 election campaign. We will also be selling our MRP model along with the anonymised raw data to private clients, none of whom are permitted to use it for trading purposes.

We believe in an ethical and transparent approach to the collection and use of data, and rely for our commercial success on the strong relationship of trust we have developed with our panellists

Many organizations now use MRP to model data. Many organizations are running MRP models in this general election campaign, using a variety of data sources from a variety of suppliers for a variety of purposes. YouGov is confident that the combination of the best data, the best tools, and the best data scientists will mean both the public and our commercial clients will get the most accurate predictions we are capable of.

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