What’s the appeal of No Deal?

Matthew SmithHead of Data Journalism
May 02, 2019, 11:18 AM GMT+0

Those who want to leave the EU without a Brexit deal tell us: sovereignty, trade and getting on with it

There are fears on both sides of the debate about the economic implications of a No Deal Brexit. Nevertheless, support for the outcome is far from niche. A YouGov survey conducted earlier this month found leaving the EU without any deal was the preference of 30% of Britons (and 60% of Leave voters).

In the same survey we asked each of these respondents to say, in their own words, what it was about No Deal that appeals. These responses were then grouped by theme.

By far the most common grouping was around the theme of independence and sovereignty. Four in ten No Deal advocates (40%) said thinks like: wanting Britain to be able to make its own laws, cut ties with Europe, regain sovereignty or become independent.

Some responses gave more specific ways they wanted to see Britain be able to employ its new-found freedoms: 18% mentioned the ability Britain would have to negotiate its own trade deals (which in itself was the second most common type of response overall), while 6% mentioned controlling borders or restricting immigration.

Simply getting Brexit over with quickly was the third most commonly given type of reason for backing No Deal, at 16%.

Not having to pay the EU any money – either in the form of a divorce bill or as a part of staying in the single market/customs union – was another of the more popular answers, at 13%.

Another 9% say they back No Deal because it’s what they voted for. A further 7% have taken Theresa May’s former slogan of “No Deal is better than a bad deal” to heart, saying that they prefer leaving the EU without a deal to the one that the Union has offered.

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