Remainers will miss Marmite, Brexiteers will miss PG Tips

Mark JeffordDirector of Data Applications
October 13, 2016, 12:18 PM GMT+0

YouGov analysis shows that the collection of brands being removed from Tesco shelves over a post-Brexit pricing dispute include favourites of both sides

With Marmite and other brands disappearing from Tesco stores across the country following a pricing dispute with Unilever, we analysed how customers of these brands voted in the EU referendum.

Data from YouGov’s Profiles consumer segmentation tool shows that 55% of Marmite customers who voted in the EU referendum chose to Remain while 45% voted to Leave.

While on the surface this suggests that Remain voters are the consumers most likely to suffer from Unilever’s and Tesco’s brand showdown, a more nuanced picture emerges when a wider range of the manufacturer’s brands are considered.

Our analysis shows that PG Tips is the most “Leave” Unilever brand (64%), followed by Dove and Flora (both 55%). By contrast, Ben & Jerry’s is the most “Remain” of the food manufacturer’s products (58%).

Which way consumers went on June 23rd is a good indicator of a wider worldview – how they shop, what they buy, how they like to be advertised to, and much more.

There is a good chance that the dispute between Unilever and Tesco is the first in a series of Brexit-related battles where consumers bear the brunt.

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