Voting intention analysis

Joe TwymanHead of Political and Social Research (EMEA)
November 30, 2010, 8:22 PM GMT+0

Perhaps unsurprisingly the two events dominating the recent news agenda, the weather and the WikiLeaks ‘Cablegate’, have not had a noticeable effect on our latest voting intention figures, so far at least.

Whether the reported upcoming WikiLeaks revelations regarding David Cameron or Gordon Brown eventually have an impact remains to be seen. Currently, our latest voting intention figures for the Sun have the Conservatives and Labour equal on 40%, and the Liberal Democrats on 10%, continuing the relatively settled trend we have been observing for the past several weeks.

Government approval, on the other hand has recorded a slight movement. Those disapproving of the government’s record fell to 45%, down from the recent high of 50%. Net disapproval moved from -14% to -6%.

In yesterday's poll we also continued our questions on respondents’ level of worry over a number of factors in their lives. Every measure, from losing their home through to suffering ill health saw a rise in concern. Though many of these increases were small and within the individual margin of error, the overall picture highlights increased pessimism many are showing in the current climate.

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